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About Emergency Ambulance Services in Ashok Rajpath

Emergency Ambulance Services in Ashok Rajpath is again shifting this locality patient to PMCH, Ruban Memorial, Paras HMRI, Jagdish Memorial, and another hospital in Patna. This ambulance service is marching round the clock to take advance care in the nick time of emergency service. All types of ambulance services such as- Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Emergency ICU Ambulance Service, and Mechanical Ventilation Ambulance Service.
Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS is a totally Patna based ambulance service and this company has the rate of an ambulance is obviously lesser than the other ambulance services. This ambulance service is presently an emerging and latest version of Intensive Care Unit Setup in Force Traveller Ambulance Service. The doctor and the paramedical medical technician are the caretakers in the ambulance service. This ambulance stands up with the whole accessories of emergency equipment such as- Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Machine, Suction Pump, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, Child Incubator, Respirator, Defibrillator, Pacemaker, Laryngoscope, and the basic essential healthcare devices. In every medical trip, all of our medical associates co-operate mutually in connection with the patients’ care and safety. Any moment of time, the people can contact us on phone or visit our office that is located in Raja Bazar Patna.

The Specialization of EAS Ambulance Services in Ashok Rajpath is following:

(i.) 24×7 Hours Emergency Services Available online or on-phone for everyone
(ii.) Quick Responsible with Quality ICU Management Medical Personnel Team
(iii.) Cardiac Ambulance, ACLS Ambulance, Ventilator Ambulance, ICU Ambulance
(iv.) BLS Ambulance, Oxygen Ambulance, AC Ambulance, Normal Ambulance
(v.) Air Ambulance, Air Charter Ambulance, Jet Aircraft Medical Flight
(vi.) Commercial Stretcher in Airlines, Wheelchair Service, Medical Assistance
(vii.) Excellent management of Patient’s transportation service for med journey
(viii.) Hygienic Medical Setup and Adjustment in all medical evacuation services

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