About Emergency Ambulance Services

Basic Life Support Ambulance is also Called Oxygen Support Ambulance Service. This ambulance service is used to shift the normal, accidental, and ward patients from one place to another place. Emergency Basic Life Support Ambulance Service in Patna, EAS provides Oxygen Cylinders, Basic Medical Supplements (Suction Pump, Nebulizer, Infusion Machine, SPO2 Prob, Glucometer, and so on) to the patient’s care sake. One ICU trained Paramedical Technician takes care of the patient inside this ambulance service. The conduction of this ambulance service is initiated with the help of a doctor but the whole medical journey is in the hand of the Paramedic.

Local Cost INR 1,000 for Basic Life Support Ambulance in Patna

Emergency Ambulance Services in Patna, EAS provides this ambulance for short or local medical evacuation services (Nearly 50 KMs). Inside this ambulance, there is a limited room where only one or two patient’s attendants can travel along with us. Mostly, this ambulance is made of Bolero, Sumo, Victa, Omni, Winger, and Toyota in India. This ambulance service company is involved in transferring the patient to local Patna and some neighboring cities.

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