About Full-ICU Setup in Train Ambulance

Full-ICU Package in Train stands for Intensive Care Unit Package. Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS provides this Full-ICU Package Train Medical Transportation Service with the help of a Doctor, and Paramedical Technician. We ensure this railway line medical evacuation service in class 2 AC Tier II or 1 AC and reserve four berths in which one Patient, Doctor, Paramedic, and one patient’s attendant travel inside this train ambulance service.

Emergency Train Ambulance Services in Patna is a full-time & bed-2-bed patient’s delivery service privileges. This medical transportation service is available for all faculties of patients and the conduction of this ambulance service based on the primary hospital to the destination hospital. Our Intensive Care Unit Experts bring the patient from the initial bed to Railway Station with the help of Cardiac Ground Ambulance Service. After that, the ICU setup (Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Extension Board, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer, Respirator, Oxygen Cylinders, Emergency Medicines, and the entire essential sets of medical life supplies) is prepared inside the train. Our medical team manages the whole medical journey and keep an intensive eye on the patient’s care. The destination railway station, Cardiac Care Ambulance Service again coveys the patient and places it in the destination bed.

Patna Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS has one of the best ICU managed railway line medical transportation service where we always follow the train norms and regulations. Nowadays, this train medical transportation has become more popular than road ambulance service.

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