About Commercial Stretcher in Airlines, EAS

Commercial Stretcher or Stretcher in Commercial Airlines is the secondary aeromedical rescue services. This Air Ambulance Service from Patna is based on some procedures where Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS follows the stretcher fitting the entire norms to get the prepared transportation service.

Commercial Stretcher Medical Transportation Service takes some time where the patients’ medications are verified by the concerning airport medical team unit. After that, they give the green signal to shift the patients, Emergency Ambulance Services in Patna, EAS again starts to contact with the engineering team to develop the stretcher. As the whole norms are completed after then the patient is eligible to transfer. Generally, the taken time is nearly 48-72 hours to complete this commercial stretcher.

Patna Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS provides one Doctor and one Paramedical Technician in this the Commercial Stretcher Transfer Service Privileges. The entire essential medical supplies such as- Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, and standard life stocks are available to the patients’ treatment. Here, Cardiac Road Ambulance Service is the connector medical rescue service that picks and drops the patients from the hospital to the airport and vice-versa. This ambulance service is cheaper than private air charter ambulance service in all over India. We also provide this air ambulance service from Patna Airport to the destination airport under one bed to the destination bed.

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