About Semi-ICU Package in Train Ambulance

Semi-ICU Package stands for Ward Patient Treatment and Care Package. Emergency Ambulance Services, EAS in Patna imparts with all the essential medial life stocks in this Semi-ICU Package Train Medical Transportation Service. In this medical transport service, the EAS ambulance service provider reserves three berths for one patient, one ICU Paramedical Technician, and one Patient’s Attendant in train class 2 AC or 1 AC.

Emergency Rail Ambulance Service in Patna, EAS is again playing an important role to provide this ward patient’s transportation. This service is also based on from one bed to the admission bed service system. In this medical evacuation service, EAS provides Cardiac Ground Ambulance that picks and drops the patient at the primary and destination railway station. Inside the train, the ICU expert medical technician monitors and treats the patient. The Semi-ICU Package contains all the basic life-stocks medical setup in which Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Suction Machine, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, Emergency Medicines, and the entire sets of basic life supports are available to the patient.

Train Medical Journey is more comfortable than a road ambulance journey. Therefore, people always prefer this railway line medical journey. But now, there is no ambulance in the train. We privately, prepare this medical arrangement inside the train.

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